EP1CRA1NB0WZ's Homepage

Welcome! This is my website and im learning how to code on the way.

I am EP1CRA1NB0WZ! I got interested in 2000s web media in late 2023, and ever since I found SpaceHey I've been trying to learn how to make a site like this!

I like super bright colors, and 2010s youtube type of stuff! (Nyan Cat, Doge, Nightcore, ETC.)! I know this homepage doesnt show my interests
well, so go to my happy page! [TW/CW: EYESTRAIN!]

favorite content creator! : Terminally Silly/@milkinthemicrowave (they're very cool)

Last Updated: 5/16/2024



Where I post my roblox videos!!!!


to talk to eachother!

Happy Page

this page makes me happy!!! :3 (TW/CW: EYESTRAIN!!)

Resource Links

list of stuff that helped me with coding!